Thursday, October 21, 2010

"C" YOU'RE A CUTIE FULL OF CHARM | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

Look at the eyes on this boy! Absolutely beautiful. The whole family has amazing blue eyes.

It was a joy to photograph this family, as I've known the parents for -- well, before they were dating! We all worked together on Capitol Hill, they were fresh out of college. What I remember most about them is their energy and the way they used to laugh -- very infectious! They managed to be so much fun even as they worked extremely hard and long hours.

Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

And here they are with four energetic boys! They tumbled out of the house with their nerf guns, busy firing at each other and various targets in the yard (it is a testament to their upbringing that my light stand and I were not targets!).

Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

And yet, a few minutes later, nerf wars were forgotten as the oldest held his baby brother and made him smile for the camera.

Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

And my parting shot, which will never make it onto anyone's wall, but is still one of my favorites...

P 20101020-IMG_9358-2

Monday, October 18, 2010

DAWNS EARLY LIGHT | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

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I've written about the photographer's golden hour in the evening, but dawn's early light can also be magical, albeit a bit cool and dewy. I met two siblings and their families bright and early to take portraits as a gift for their father. I love how beautifully they are dressed.

Apparently Grandfather's most recent photograph of this family does not include the adorable younger child! This is definitely a perfect time to give him an updated family portrait.

I asked this family to traipse through wet grass to pose by this fence. The lines of the fence, the sun peeking through the trees, and the rustic barn seemed a perfect backdrop.

P 20101017-IMG_8006-6 curves wiuc

Thank you everyone for meeting me so bright and early! I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek. There are many more photographs to come, and they should be ready within two weeks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

RACHAEL | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family and Teen Portrait Photographer

high school senior 9932-4 p

I met Rachael and her mother at dawn's early light for a senior portrait session! She is class of 2010, but it is never too late to get the senior portraits you wish you had!

While it was a little early for fall color, we managed to find a red maple next to this pond.

And I brought this black chair as a prop. In my mind, I see the chair in a field of grass, but the problem with that is ticks!! So instead we put the chair against a backdrop of wildflowers.

high school senior 899-3

And just for fun, this last photograph of Rachael adjusting her shoe!

P 20101011-IMG_9986-5 p

Friday, October 8, 2010

WATER DAMAGE | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family Photographer


So the above is the way my kitchen has looked for....I guess about a month now! We had water damage caused by both our dishwasher and our sink. Insuranced denied our claim :( citing repeated seepage etc... Getting quotes from various contractors and making decisions about cabinets and flooring has moved a little more slowly than I would like, but I am trying to be patient and keep my eye on the prize -- a beautiful new kitchen!

So in the meantime, our downstairs bathroom is doing double duty as a dishwashing staging area, our family room and garage hold the contents of our kitchen, and -- we eat out a lot.

Here are some pics from a recent outting in search of food:


child in Leesburg



Have a wonderful fall!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

LOVE AND MARRIAGE | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Event and Wedding Photography

P 20100925-IMG_8940-110

Last weekend I was a second shooter for Dancer Burns of Moxie Photos in downtown Winchester. What a beautiful wedding! The couple, A and R were a dream, so in love, so comfortable, so happy and relaxed.

The ceremony took place at the historic Frances Barton Event Center in the heart of Winchester.

They were married outside, against a backdrop of ivy and sunshine.

P 20100925-IMG_8631-55

P 20100925-IMG_8733-76

They were surrounded by friends, family, and man's best friend (their dog).

P 20100925-IMG_8946-113

P 20100925-IMG_8802-93

Then after the ceremony, the newlyweds walked through downtown Winchester to the reception hall.

P 20100925-IMG_9026-144

P 20100925-IMG_9056-151

P 20100925-IMG_9072-157

And here are a few miscellaneous shots....

P 20100925-IMG_8514-31

P 20100925-IMG_8594-48

And my parting shot, I love the way they are gazing at each other! Best of luck to both A and R as they embark on their journey together.

P 20100925-IMG_8936-107