Monday, November 29, 2010

SISTERS | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Family Portrait Photographer

P 20101127-IMG_5206-2

If you know these three beautiful girls, PLEASE do not say anything to their mother about this session! It is a Christmas surprise for her, as she has been wanting them to have their portraits taken for quite a while.

Anyway, it was a perfect afternoon for a portrait session, and these girls were a photographer's dream -- the camera loved them, they had perfect smiles and great personalities and got along very well.

P 20101127-IMG_5315-5

I think they would look great in a storyboard. Let me see if I can mock a few up really quickly. Ignore the white border around the story boards -- it is not part of the storyboard, it is the blog template.

Sisters purple

Or here is something a little different:

P Sisters

And my parting shot, with the beloved family dog:

P 20101127-IMG_5104-1

There are TONS of gorgeous photos yet to come! I'll let you know when they're finished - it should be no later than two weeks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Portrait Mini-Sessions | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Family Photographer

What a wonderful day! The weather was perfect, the location gorgeous, and my clients beautiful. Look at this little girl, with her creamy skin and deep brown eyes. She was just as lovely inside as she is on the outside, and a very good singer too!

P 20101120-IMG_4442-44

Next up is this amazingly gorgeous tween.   She and her mother had a close bond, which I think comes out in the playful portrait below.

P 20101120-IMG_4657-133

My final shoot of the day was this repeat client -- one of my favorite kinds!

And does she have the makings of a heartbreaker or what?

P 20101120-IMG_4794-175

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FAMILY PORTRAITS | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County family and child portrait photography

P 20101108-IMG_0632-28

Fall is currently my busiest time of year, as families want photographs with some of the gorgeous fall color for their Christmas and holiday cards. I met this beautiful family after school for a weekday session, which is much easier to schedule than weekends but often means portraits without parents. They were friendly and personable children, and quite helpful too, carrying my gear and dragging my wagon.

Mom was just as helpful, cleaning off my coat and hair with a stick when a passing bird left me a present! I am not making that up! It made for some natural giggles though, which I captured -- the show must go on, no matter how badly the photographer wants to go home and take a shower! So when you see me with my "First Aid Kit" in my wagon from now on, you'll know why. Anything can happen on a photoshoot and I will now be prepared with tissues/anti-bacterial wipes, etc..

Anyway, in spite of high spirits and a rapidly setting sun, we managed to get some lovely portraits! The rest of the proofs will be available in two weeks.

P 20101108-IMG_0705-38

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FAMILIES AND PHOTOGRAPHS | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Family and Child Portrait Photographer

P 20101102-IMG_9955-4

So yesterday I met these adorable early risers at the beautiful, but rather chilly, Claude Moore park in Loudoun County. Above they keep each other warm and create a charming portrait in the process!

Then it was back home to get dinner started, another load of laundry, the polls, and back down to Lansdowne for my last shoot of the day in the "golden hour" before sunset.

These boys were as angelic as they look!! Beautiful eyes, big smiles, and gorgeous portraits.

P 20101102-IMG_0302-126

P 20101102-IMG_9878-187