Monday, February 28, 2011

FRIENDSHIP | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Loudoun County Family and Child Portrait Photographer


I love having a permanent studio in my basement! Beautiful light + lots of backdrops + great subjects = gorgeous portraits! Especially when friends come to visit.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HAPPILY EVER AFTER | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Portrait and Wedding Photographer

These photographs are some of my favorites from a gorgeous wedding in October 2011 at the Evergreen County Club in Haymarket, Virginia.

I have been shooting weddings for Shelley Miller Photography (and other local photographers) for almost a year now. I'm ready to book some of own, and to that end, I am developing some of the images I took and working on sample albums.   For more information about booking Goodhart Photography for your wedding, email goodhart photography @ or visit my website, Goodhart Photography.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

KATIE'S SENIOR SESSION | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Loudoun County High School Senior Portrait Photographer

High School Senior Katie-41

It is rediculous how beautiful this girl is. We've had the pleasure of knowing her for years, since she was thirteen, and now she is a senior in high school! Time flies.

I enlisted the services of Meredith Ehler, a personal stylist serving Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, to do Katie's hair and make-up. She has years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, and currently moonlights as a MAC make-up artist.

High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits-4

High School Senior Photography-7

High School Senior Yearbook Portraits-16

High School Senior-20

High School Senior Portraits-96

I was dying to try out my new backdrop, and Katie's pale skin and stunning eyes were just perfect.

High School Senior Portraits Twilight-27

Beautiful Senior Portraits Loudoun County-25

Gorgeous Senior Portraits-26

Then we had a little bit of touch up from our stylist extraordinaire. It was really wonderful having a stylist on hand, post-processing is practically non-existent when a client has flawless make-up and hair.

Beautiful Senior Portraits Loudoun County -72

And here she is, fresh and gorgeous...

Affordable Senior Portraits Loudoun County-61

And then we had another clothing/accessory change, and took some of these more dramatic portraits...

Senior Portraiture-77

High School Senior Portraits-86

Northern Virginia Senior Portraits-88

I think these photographs speak for themselves -- Meredith and I make a great team! If you want amazing senior portraits, give Goodhart Photography a call!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BE MY VALENTINE | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia and Loudoun County Family and Child Portrait Photographer

I recently photographed these playful boys with Valentines and flowers for a Vintage Valentine photography session.

I had a little trouble getting ties tied properly -- my husband leaves well before I wake to get the kids to school and I haven't tied a tie in years.  I've added tying ties to my to do list!  But how sweet does this boy look with Mr. Bear?

Your proofs should be ready within two weeks!

American Ballet Theater Intensive Summer Camp | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This lovely ballerina needed a headshot and full length body shot for her audition for the ABT Intensive Summer Camp. She's been dancing for almost 10 years, and has been on my blog before as a dancer in the woods. Let me see if I can find some of those older photographs....

Here we go, Dancer in the Woods. This was taken 18 months ago when I was just starting my business.

And here is her headshot. She has such beautiful, intelligent eyes.

Best of luck to you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

BABY'S FIRST YEAR | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Newborn and Baby Photography

How fast they grow! I photographed the mothers of these babies when they were pregnant,and now their sweet little babies are 1 year old. How much they've grown and changed in this year! From fragile and new, to strudy and energetic, these little babies are ready to take on the world.

If you know someone who is pregnant, a "Baby's First Year" certificate would be the perfect gift. It gives the mother-to-be three photography sessions, a 5x7 print from each session, and a beautiful storyboard like these to commemorate the year. See my website or contact me on Facebook for more details.