Thursday, March 25, 2010

HAND OF MAN | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Award Winning Photographer, Northern Virginia

hand 1b

Tonight was a Loudoun Photo Club competition; the subject was "The Hand of Man" (meaning any subject that was created by humans.) I entered four images and I am thrilled to report I won a first place ribbon in two categories! And these are all images I took with a Nikon Coolpix 5700, a point-and-shoot camera that is at least 5 years old. So it just goes to show that while I do love having the Canon SLR and lenses I have these days, photography is so much more than the equipment.

Anyway, the photo above (of the light installation in the walkway of the National Gallery of Art) took first place in Intermediate Color, and the one below took first place in Intermediate Monochrome.

hand bw3 Do you recognize this photograph? Next time you are at the Dulles Towncenter mall in the food court, look up!

Below is an image which did not place.

hand bw2

The judge said this one was a strong graphic composition with good clarity and tone, but I had nipped the tip off of the steel sculpture and didn't give the sculpture enough breathing room (I had to mat this photo as an 8x10, so the crop was a little different from the photo below).

Well anyway. It is rather nerve wracking to submit photographs for evaluation! But it is so helpful, too, to listen to the feedback of long-time pros -- not just about your own work, but about the other photographs that other photographers submit.

If you are interested in photography, I highly recomment joining a photography club in your area. I have learned so much from the Loudoun Photo Club. And in addition to having the opportunity to go on field trips, listen to interesting guest speakers, participate in competitions, and make friends, I have also acquired photography equipment from other members at good prices. So definitely check out your local club!


  1. Nice! You could enter the first one in a PPA print comp!

  2. Love that first photo! My brother used to always say, "don't matter what you got, just who's got it" He was speaking of race cars, I'm quoting my bro because of what you said about the point and shoot camera :)