Thursday, September 2, 2010

THE GOLDEN HOUR BEFORE SUNSET | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Family and Portrait Photographer

family portrait

It's fairly common knowledge that light is at its most beautiful around sunrise and sunset.   In fact, photographers call an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise the "Golden Hour".  Lighting is warmer, and softer, and the contrast between highlight and shadow is much less intense than in the middle of the day.  Even though these family portraits were taken a little before the "Golden Hour", they still have some of that golden quality, particularly in the water behind the family in the portrait above. 

You do have to work fast, though, if you are trying to use the "Golden Hour", because once the sun sets, light has a much cooler tone, as below, in this portrait I took as a second wedding photographer on behalf of Shelley Miller of Shellpix Studios:

P 20100814-IMG_8577-223

Which still can be lovely, but definitely isn't golden!

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