Monday, August 30, 2010

"A" YOU'RE ADORABLE | Goodhart Photography, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Portrait Photographer

Little Beauty

Yes, this was an absolutely adorable little girl!  Those eyes just melt my heart.  She had her own agenda yesterday, as sometimes three year olds do, so we just went with the flow and still got some beautiful portraits.  I did get a few lovely photographs of her smiling, but this serious expression shows her eyes in their full wide-eyed glory.

Here are her parents and her equally adorable sister, baby E: 

And yesterday, my baby turned eight!  How time flies, it seems like just yesterday you were as wee and jolly as baby E, and now you are such a little man.  So I took celebrated the occasion by setting up my new studio strobe and softbox and bribing him to sit for a quick portrait. 

P 20100830-IMG_7352-4

I was delighted with the soft, gorgeous light and can't wait to start using this set-up with my clients who want a studio with or instead of an on-location look.

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  1. Perfect Rembrandt lighting on Chris! Love the family photos too, the little girl is just darling!