Sunday, October 3, 2010

LOVE AND MARRIAGE | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Event and Wedding Photography

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Last weekend I was a second shooter for Dancer Burns of Moxie Photos in downtown Winchester. What a beautiful wedding! The couple, A and R were a dream, so in love, so comfortable, so happy and relaxed.

The ceremony took place at the historic Frances Barton Event Center in the heart of Winchester.

They were married outside, against a backdrop of ivy and sunshine.

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P 20100925-IMG_8733-76

They were surrounded by friends, family, and man's best friend (their dog).

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Then after the ceremony, the newlyweds walked through downtown Winchester to the reception hall.

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P 20100925-IMG_9056-151

P 20100925-IMG_9072-157

And here are a few miscellaneous shots....

P 20100925-IMG_8514-31

P 20100925-IMG_8594-48

And my parting shot, I love the way they are gazing at each other! Best of luck to both A and R as they embark on their journey together.

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  1. Hi there, I am a friend of Sarah's. Your pictures are beautiful! I am shooting my first wedding next weekend, so you have given me some great ideas!!

  2. Thank you! I hope your wedding went well! It was a perfect weekend for a wedding....