Sunday, January 31, 2010

SIMPLICITY | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family and Child Photographer


Just a black backdrop, natural light, and three reluctant models wearing white tee shirts.

20100129-IMG_0256-Edit bw

He has such an expressive little face! I am very partial to his eyebrows.

She likes to give me those Mona Lisa smiles, small and subtle.


My oldest is in a leg cast and has been very unhappy about that this week - in part due to pain, in part due to not being able to play in the snow, in part due to the inconvenience of only having one good leg. But he managed a smile for me anyway...


  1. Oh my your children are beautiful ummmm sorry handsom, both:)
    Love the soft light. Not sure if your like me but every photo I have of my children I want to put up on the wall. These are well worthy of the wall thats for sure.