Saturday, January 30, 2010

HONORABLE MENTION | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County Photographer

20090720-Maine York Schoodic Ellsworth 074"Last of the Clematis" HONORABLE MENTION

20091125-IMG_5936 b
"Dew on Clover"

20090720-Maine York Schoodic Ellsworth 103 b
"Fire at Dusk"

So I entered a few more prints in the Loudoun County Photo Club Photography Competition (the three above). The theme was "Complementary Colors" (red/green; blue/orange; yellow/purple), which was quite a challenge for me, as I usually think in terms of a subject, rather than a concept, when I am behind the camera.

But I had a lot of fun, thinking about photography from the perspective of a concept. Usually I stumble across the concept when I am going through my images, like this one, from a series I took at the Jersey Shore, which is one of my favorites:

PP 36  |_MG_6340 WEB Frame

It just says "Solitude" to me. But what if I took my camera one day, and went to a park with the sole purpose of photographing "Solitude"? What would I come up with? It's an interesting idea.

Here are some images I did NOT submit, but which fit the complementary color theme:

Red and Green:

IMG_0057 b


Bue and Orange:

20090725-Pond Road and Grindstone 158

20090729-Bar Harbor Water Lilies 276

Purple and Yellow:

20090729-Bar Harbor Water Lilies 274

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  1. I tend to like the "outside of the box" photos. I would say I like your green lockers and red brick photo the best. Of course I LOVE them all.