Friday, July 3, 2009

Brenda's Sneak Preview....

I had such a wonderful morning! All my resolutions to limit myself to 100 or so shots and winnow them down to 20 or 30 winning ones flew out the window with this beautiful, photogenic family.
I wanted to give Brenda and her gorgeous girls a quick preview since they were so generous with their time this morning. I hope to have time to develop more of them later tonight....

Technically this may not be a great photo, but I love how playful they look and their bright eyes and the sandaled foot peeking out...

They just started checking out the clover while I was mucking around with lenses or something. I love this one.

I love this one too, the embrace and how they are lost in different thoughts, and because Elizabeth's expression reminds me of my own kids!

And these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, there are some incredible ones to come....

---later in the evenin

I love this photograph too.
So CUTE....I was informed I overused that word today but can you blame me??
Photoshopped a big leaf out of the upper right corner of the picture here...
That's a wrap for today!


  1. Very lovely, yes. I like the sandaled foot one best. At least with digital you don't have to feel guilty or break the bank taking as many as you are moved to.

  2. WOW... the girls and I are impressed! I love the sandled foot one and the last best because they look so natural. The clover one is great too and Elizabeth's expression in hug one is so Elizabeth! Elizabeth like the sandaled foot one best as well. Alex liked the one where you tried to use gradient fill - she is impressed with how changes can be made to improve pictures. She also like the one with Elizabeth hanging on the tree and like the way the background looked. Both girls thought Mrs. Goodhart was very nice and would enjoy doing pictures with her again! We used Alex's AIM account because I don't have one ~ Brenda