Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FABULOUS AT FORTY | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Glamour Portrait Artist

loudoun county glamour

 I suppose the casual reader of my blog could be forgiven for thinking I only photograph gorgeous high school seniors attending northern Virginia schools. But I'm a little more versatile than that! Moms often bring their children of all ages to me to photograph, but sometimes they treat themselves to a glamour portrait session to capture their beauty for posterity, or perhaps for a loved one. With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought it was a great time to feature my latest fabulous at 40 mom of 4.

northern virginia glamour
 I think the only word for this picture is fierce, right? Do you want to mess with her? glamour

And this picture is amazing, she looks like a powerful business executive, and yet she is completely feminine.

glamour And one of my favorites!   Such serenity and wisdom in her face.

You too can have beautiful portraits! Whether you are a spring chicken of 30, a fabulous 40, a fantastic 50 or beyond, it's not too late to treat yourself to a really special night and release your inner diva.  Give me a call today -- 703. 431. 3508!

 If you really want to be pampered, I can have a truly talented makeup artist, Meredith Ehler of Potomac Falls, Virginia on hand to highlight your natural radiance and hide any signs of the natural exhaustion I think all mothers have.


  1. She is gorgeous woman and you captured it great. Love this set