Sunday, March 27, 2011

WHY CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY? | Goodhart Photography, Loudoun County and Northern Virginia Family and Baby Portrait Photographer

Have you ever dressed your kids, strapped them into the car, driven to a studio in a shopping mall or big-box store, loaded everyone into a stroller, arrived at the studio, waited for a room to be free, and then watched your kids melt down in front of the camera due to sensory overload?

You can avoid that scenario with custom photography!

A custom photography session at Goodhart Photography gives you the option of outdoor portraits at a location where your children are comfortable, or that has special meaning for your family. Or, we can take portraits in my home studio, where your children can enjoy a fun photography session in a calm, comfortable environment. Our photography session will progress at a pace that is comfortable for your children, and not dictated by the crowd in the waiting room.

You can experience custom photography today by taking advantage of my current special, "Spring Pics with Baby Chicks". It will be a memorable session for your children, and I promise you'll get portraits you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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