Thursday, February 10, 2011

KATIE'S SENIOR SESSION | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Loudoun County High School Senior Portrait Photographer

High School Senior Katie-41

It is rediculous how beautiful this girl is. We've had the pleasure of knowing her for years, since she was thirteen, and now she is a senior in high school! Time flies.

I enlisted the services of Meredith Ehler, a personal stylist serving Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, to do Katie's hair and make-up. She has years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, and currently moonlights as a MAC make-up artist.

High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits-4

High School Senior Photography-7

High School Senior Yearbook Portraits-16

High School Senior-20

High School Senior Portraits-96

I was dying to try out my new backdrop, and Katie's pale skin and stunning eyes were just perfect.

High School Senior Portraits Twilight-27

Beautiful Senior Portraits Loudoun County-25

Gorgeous Senior Portraits-26

Then we had a little bit of touch up from our stylist extraordinaire. It was really wonderful having a stylist on hand, post-processing is practically non-existent when a client has flawless make-up and hair.

Beautiful Senior Portraits Loudoun County -72

And here she is, fresh and gorgeous...

Affordable Senior Portraits Loudoun County-61

And then we had another clothing/accessory change, and took some of these more dramatic portraits...

Senior Portraiture-77

High School Senior Portraits-86

Northern Virginia Senior Portraits-88

I think these photographs speak for themselves -- Meredith and I make a great team! If you want amazing senior portraits, give Goodhart Photography a call!


  1. These are beautiful! You have much talent.

  2. Awesome shots, love the new backdrop! Gorgeous girl and you captured her perfectly!

  3. First, what a beautiful young lady. second, you rock! Love the new backdrop as well. Looks like you guys had fun as well. Very nice:)