Friday, October 23, 2009

MORE AWARDS!! | Goodhart Photography, Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Meredith's Set 024 WEB
"Patty Cake"

So last night I entered 4 images in the Loudoun County Photo Club competition, beginners division, and incredibly they all got ribbons! Above is the first place winner in the colored photography category, and below is the second place winner in the same category.

IMG_7343 WEB
"Wait For Me.."

And here are my two entries in the monochrome categories, the first photograph took third place and the last one was an honorable mention.

IMG_6327 5x7 frames
"I Can Do It!"

PP 19   |Cindys set 083-1 5x7 frames

The images were cropped or edited so my logos didn't appear; they were all anonymous until after the judging.

The judge, when evaluating my photographs, said she liked my compositions and the way the photographs drew her into the image, that they told a story. I am also certain that my completely adorable subjects didn't hurt - Loudoun County grows some of the most precious children ever! Anyway, I loved hearing that from the judge because it is exactly what I try to do with my "paparazzi" shots -- (which I take after the more formal family portraits are completed) -- I try to capture interesting and unique views of children that reveal something true and authentic about their personalities.

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